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Take Charge of Your Health with Customized Healthy Living Programs in Jacksonville, FL

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We can help you start a new, healthier lifestyle.

When it’s time to start over with healthy living options, it’s time to visit the physicians at Prime Men’s Medical Center. After an initial assessment, our staff will devise a healthy living and weight management program dedicated to your specific needs.

Whether you’ve found yourself wanting to get over a period of inactivity in life, recovering from surgical procedures, or simply don’t know where to start, Prime Men’s Medical Center has your solution.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Healthy

Healthy choices make a difference. At our men’s clinic, we know no two men are alike, so no two success plans will look the same. Our physicians will assess where you are in life, what your health level is like at the time of the visit, and where you want to be. This way, each person’s unique health needs, considerations, and medical history will be taken into consideration as a healthy plan is developed. We then monitor the plan to make sure the guidelines are being followed, or adjust if need be. The Prime Men’s Medical Center Customized Healthy Living Program helps provide men the tools they need for better overall health.

What You Can Expect During Your Initial Assessment

When men come to our clinic for a Customized Healthy Living Program, they are given a thorough assessment.  During this assessment, we take a look at things such as past and current medical history, current lifestyle choices, wellness goals, hormone levels, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, stress indicators, and more.

Patients should be prepared to answer any questions regarding supplements or prescription medications they are currently taking. Once the assessment is complete, our physicians develop a comprehensive plan for achieving and maintaining optimal physical fitness and health. The Customized Healthy Living Program allows men to become an active participant in their health to become a healthier, stronger version of themselves.

Begin Your Journey to Healthy Living Today

We all have differing needs when it comes to our bodies and our lifestyles. Still, healthy living is a choice, and we are determined to help you make the right choices. With our experience, knowledge, and methods, we have the tools needed to help you take the first step to a longer, healthier life. From feeling better and having more energy, to increased confidence and improved appearance, the team at Prime Men’s Medical Center helps you obtain your health goals.

To learn more about our healthy living programs, or to schedule a consultation, call the Prime Men’s Medical Center office at (800) 431-0867 today.

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