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What is RestoreWave Therapy?

If you or your partner are suffering from signs of erectile dysfunction (ED) such as the inability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection, the non-surgical ED treatment known as acoustic wave therapy may be the help you’re looking for.

The physicians at Prime Men's Medical Center are Florida licensed MD's specializing in ED who offer acoustic wave therapy as an effective, non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction. Once considered an alternative sexual performance treatment, our RestoreWave treatment has now become a proven therapy to help men achieve a more firm, healthier erection on their own, without pills or injections. A healthy erection is necessary for a healthy sex life. Prime Men's Medical Center in Jacksonville can help you regain the peak sexual performance you and your partner deserve.

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Benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy Include:
  • All natural non-surgical approach to restore healthy erections
  • No downtime
  • No pills, needles or surgery required
  • 20 minutes per session
  • Non-invasive, painless, safe
How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work?
A common source of erectile dysfunction for many men is lack of a healthy blood flow to the penis. This can be the result of a variety of health reasons including diabetes, prostate, high blood pressure or heart disease. Healthy blood flow in the penis is responsible for rigidity and firmness when erect. Acoustic wave therapy targets these blood pathways to ensure they are clear of plaque and function properly. Our RestoreWave process uses low-intensity acoustic waves, administered by a professional, to trigger the process of neovascularization in the penis. This process allows for new blood vessels to form and allow for better circulation and blood flow in and around the penis. For increased men’s sexual health, improved blood flow to the penis will allow for a firmer erect penis and provide more spontaneous erections overall.
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Enjoy Long-Term Results and Improved Sexual Performance

As a non-surgical sex treatment, our RestoreWave therapy is still administered by a licensed physician in our men’s clinic. This out-patient procedure has no pain associated with it, and there are no side-effects. The physicians at Prime Men's Medical Center are Florida licensed MD's specializing in ED who provide RestoreWave treatments to our patients. Our goal has always been to enhance male sexual function and performance; RestoreWave treatment is just one more way our physicians can help. Our medical professionals have years of experience in helping men overcome erectile dysfunction by determining the root cause of the dysfunction, and creating a tailored solution to increase men’s health and wellness regarding sexual function. Prime Men's Medical Center is determined to help find a treatment plan fit to you or your partner’s specific needs.

Finally, a new ED treatment that works for both of us!
I researched everything about my condition but didn't come across anything I thought would treat my ED. When I read about Prime Men’s Medical Center I wanted to find out about their RestoreWave Therapy. I made an appointment and as soon as I arrived their entire staff made me feel very comfortable. After my very first visit I was able to notice a change. This has been a real game changer for me. No longer do I have to wonder about being able to perform, I feel like a new man in so many ways. And, the ladies love it....and so do I.
Five stars!
Phil H., Jacksonville Beach, Fl

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Stress, hormones, health issues, result in sexual or hormonal deficiencies. The all-male staff at our top-rated Jackson ED clinic, specializes in determining the root causes of male performance issues and will perform a confidential assessment that includes evaluating your medical history, diagnostic testing, and finding a new, no-pill ED treatment that is right for you!

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