3 Methods to Increase Low Libido in Men

low libido in men causes and methods to increase

Dealing with low libido in men and having less interest in sex can be extremely challenging.

As men age, we begin to notice changes both in and around us. Some of these are good – we advance in our careers, find ourselves more comfortable with who we are, and generally have a lot to be proud of. However, others are less than ideal; for example, not always being on the same page with our partner when the time comes to be intimate.

This is perfectly natural, however. Between work, home, family, and all other manner of daily life stressors, we can’t be too hard on ourselves for not always having the bandwidth to rise to the occasion when the time comes. However, if you’ve personally found yourself in a prolonged pattern of just not feeling up to the task, you may be dealing with a loss of libido. 

Don’t worry though, there are several treatments for low libido in males that we can pursue – and most of them are perfectly natural.

As we get older, our biologies and lifestyles shift, and sometimes we need a gentle reminder to get them back on a positive path. Of course, there are some things that can affect your libido that are unavoidable, like prescription medications. Also, it’s important not to confuse low libido in men with erectile dysfunction. We’ll start with some of the basics.

Common Ways to Increase Low Libido in Men

When it comes to treatment for decreased libido in men, it’s best to start with those that are most simple:

  1. Eating aphrodisiacal fruits like figs, bananas or avocados
  2. Taking supplements like Yohimbe or Ginkgo biloba
  3. Limiting alcohol to one glass of wine at dinner
  4. Increasing your sleep
  5. Consulting a medical professional who may recommend testosterone therapy

Medical diagnosis may be required to determine and treat the root causes of low libido in men, because the truth of the matter is, a loss of libido is typically caused by multiple factors rather than just one. 

Sometimes, small adjustments to your daily routine aren’t enough to overcome it. That’s when it might be time to take more drastic measures that require more effort, but are still completely natural:

  1. Incorporate more exercise to help lower your blood pressure and weight
  2. Adjust your diet to one that is flow in fat and high in protein
  3. Pursue individual and/or couples counseling to build up the other aspects of your relationship

What we’re talking about here are more permanent lifestyle changes which, yes, require a higher level of planning and commitment. However, the benefits are compounded, because you won’t only be fighting that lack of libido, you’ll be living an overall more healthy life, which will bring its own positive health benefits.

When Men Should Talk to a Doctor About a Loss of Libido or No Libido

decreased libido in men consult doctor testosterone deficiency

It may be possible that none of the above steps end up having the desired effect. This doesn’t mean there’s anything inherently wrong with you though – it just means that a different approach may be required. Whatever you do though, don’t attempt anything without first speaking to your doctor. 

If you wouldn’t take batting practice tips from Michael Phelps, don’t attempt to adjust your hormone levels or your medications without listening to an experienced medical professional.

Only an experienced physician can properly diagnose your low libido, and help you plan a roadmap for treatment.  

One of the several underlying causes outside of lifestyle changes that your doctor may investigate is a hormone imbalance within your adrenal system. Your hormones are in charge of many physiological and biological responsibilities – from metabolism to mood to sleep quality, and yes, sexual appetite. And the big one for men may be a prime culprit in low libido: Testosterone

Starting around the age of 30, your T levels begin to slowly depreciate from their peak production. While this natural decrease isn’t enough to solely account for a loss of libido, it certainly doesn’t help. On top of that, some men do have a testosterone deficiency known as hypogonadism. Some obvious symptoms of lowered T levels can manifest as:

  • Hair loss
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Depression

Oh, and of course, a decrease in sex drive. Your doctor can help check and monitor your T levels, and if he or she determines they’re in need of a boost, may recommend testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Testosterone replacement therapy is a safe treatment that can not only increase libido, but also has a myriad of other benefits.

Testosterone isn’t the only hormone that may be wreaking havoc on your sexual desires, though. Cortisol is your body’s reaction to stress, and elevated levels can be behind decreased libido in men. Too much stress – and as a result, elevated cortisol levels – can even result in a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle:

  • Raised cortisol levels harms sleeping patterns
  • Poor sleeping patterns can harm libido
  • Lowered libido can lead to increased stress levels
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

Getting a proper hold on your stress level can go a long way toward solving a loss of libido. Breathing exercises, incorporating meditation into your daily or weekly routine, scheduling regular massages, and/or talking to a therapist are all safe, natural, and effective ways of dealing with stress.

How Your Partner Can Help With Decreased Libido

partner can help man with no libido treatment

If it wasn’t already obvious, psychological and emotional influences can both be reasons for low libido in men. Fortunately, this is sometimes rectified simply by reconnecting with your partner. Finding time to have genuine communication throughout your busy days is essential to an emotionally and physically fulfilling relationship. You can start small, but make sure it’s genuine – instead of just asking them about their day, ask to recount a funny story that always makes you both laugh; or ask them where they’d like to go on a future vacation.

Take it one step forward by specifying a date night. This ensures that both of your attention is solely on the other. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce some of those aphrodisiacal fruits, or even chocolate.

However, one of the simplest, most natural, and most beneficial treatments for lowered libido is to simply take a walk with your partner. You’ll be accomplishing many of the above suggestions in one fell swoop – increasing your exercise and lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress, and taking extra time to reconnect and communicate. A simple thirty minute stroll in the morning or evening can pay big dividends the next time the mood strikes.

Start with tweaking your lifestyle, consult your doctor for expert advice, and make sure to keep your partner involved; all of these things will go a long way toward treating your loss of libido, no matter your age. Working with the medical professionals at Prime Men’s Medical Center to begin living a healthier, happier life with fewer sexual problems. Give us a call today to chat through your unique sexual health problems.

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