Testosterone Boosting Foods: 7 Foods That Increase Testosterone

foods that increase testosterone testosterone boosting

Are you looking to increase your testosterone levels?

As we grow older, our bodies may not have the vigor that they used to have in their youth.

So, if you’re looking for food that promotes testosterone production in the body, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are foods that can boost your testosterone levels that you can incorporate into your next meal.

But First, What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that’s responsible for masculine characteristics. This male hormone also plays an important role in managing a man’s:

According to medical experts, as we age, testosterone levels in a man’s body fall by 1 to 2% on average.

Low testosterone levels can result in difficulty concentrating, erectile dysfunction, and a loss of muscular strength. Your sexual health may also suffer since the sex drive is negatively affected.

Fortunately, several kinds of food can help to increase testosterone levels. Alternatively, a medically-approved customized living program can give you a structured plan to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Who Benefits from a Testosterone Rich Diet?

More men benefit from foods that boost testosterone than you might think.

By the time men reach their mid to late 40s, there’s a high chance you could experience hypogonadism—a medical condition wherein testosterone levels fall below 300 nanograms/deciliter (ng/dL), below the normal range.

The condition is fairly common; 40% of men over 45 have this condition. Moreover, 50% of men over 80 have hypogonadism as well.

While old age is a significant contributing factor to a body’s T levels, some medications, health conditions, and body fat can also lead to testosterone decrease.

Fortunately, men can undergo lifestyle modifications such as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or taking a testosterone-boosting diet to increase testosterone production in the body.

Top Foods to Increase Testosterone in The Body

1. Ginger

If you’re looking for a super root that can boost testosterone production, ginger is an excellent option with plenty of health benefits.

In fact, research published in the IASJ found that taking ginger supplements for 3 months increased testosterone levels by 17.7% in a group of men who have fertility issues.

Ginger is also rich in antioxidants and promotes anti-aging by increasing collagen production. If you want a crop that can boost testosterone in a relatively short period, ginger can do the trick.

2. Oysters

If you’re looking for an aphrodisiac or a type of food that can increase sexual desirability, some people say that oysters fit that bill.

Oysters are rich in zinc—one of the most important minerals to positively affect testosterone levels.

Zinc also aids in the formation of DNA in the sperm—making it a crucial mineral to boost your chances of an improved conception outcome.

On top of that, zinc deficiency is often linked with hypogonadism. Thus, it’s not only recommended to take oysters (or Zinc-rich food and supplements) to promote testosterone production, it may actually be necessary for a better sexual life in the later years.

3. Leafy Green Vegetables

how to boost testosterone levels greens ginger oysters fish

Vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli are excellent testosterone boosts.

Aside from the slew of nutrient-rich properties these vegetables contain such as Vitamin D, there’s one mineral that trumps all the others in terms of maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

That mineral? Magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that helps combat oxidative stress. A study found that elderly men who had higher levels of magnesium in their bodies also had an increased chance of having more testosterone in their blood.

So while we always tell our children to eat their greens, we should also remind ourselves that this advice can benefit the older cohort as well.

4. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, which are beneficial when it comes to boosting testosterone.

Omega 3s are helpful in boosting testosterone levels since the fatty acids also help reduce cortisol production in the body.

Cortisol is a stress hormone known to lower T levels, so eating a fish diet twice or thrice a week can help keep testosterone-related problems at bay.

If you’re unsure what type of fish to include in your diet, here’s a list that contains omega-3 rich fish:

  • Sardines
  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Herring
  • Mackerel

Alternatively, you can also take Omega-3 supplements to get your fatty acid fill.

5. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

While not food per se, extra-virgin olive oil is one of the best testosterone boosters for men who are suffering from hormonal issues.

Why? Because EVOO contains high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin D that can help combat the effects of aging, which include low T levels in older men.

Aside from its anti-aging properties, extra virgin olive oil boosts serum testosterone levels among male adults, according to this study.

On top of that, EVOO is loaded with healthy fat that can positively impact your overall health.

The best thing about Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that it goes with all of the other food on this list.

Try drizzling some over your salmon and pasta mix, or eating it as a side salad with dark leafy greens on one lazy night.

6. Berries and Pomegranate

testosterone booster foods berries eggs olive oil

Berries and pomegranates are filled with antioxidants that are beneficial for men who want to increase testosterone levels.

Antioxidants work in a variety of ways, from speeding up recovery time after workouts to boosting the immune system.

Berries and pomegranates, in particular, contain flavonoid antioxidants that protect testosterone-producing cells and speed up the formation of testosterone.

Take these tasty treats as a light snack, a salad, or in smoothie form. These bite-sized fruits are excellent ways to keep blood flow running in your penis.

7. Eggs

Aside from being rich in Vitamin D, egg yolks are also known to contain selenium.

This element has been linked to the production of testosterone in animals, making it an excellent source of testosterone in the morning.

As long as you don’t have any allergies, eggs are a nutritious and healthy food that can benefit your health.

Takeaways about Testosterone Boosting Foods

For some men, the right lifestyle modifications will help to improve an active sex life with your partner, while for others, a customized low-T therapy may be required in tandem with these foods to receive noticeable T level changes.

The good news is that many of the foods on the list are fairly accessible and easy on the gullet.

On the contrary, it’s also good to know what foods to avoid. These include:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Soy Products
  3. Bread
  4. Desserts
  5. Dairy

If you’re having trouble getting your testosterone levels to a normal baseline, call a health professional at Prime Men’s Medical Center in Jacksonville about low testosterone therapy today for a consultation with an experienced and specially trained medical staff.

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